“Brilliant course, very happy with my bag” June - Beginners 4 Project bag.

“Lovely friendly approach, easy to approach” Gill – Beginners 4 Project bag.

“Very enjoyable, looking forward to the next course” Madeline – Beginners 2 Tote bag.

“Very helpful, class went at my pace” Lynette - Learn to sew.

“A great starting point for more projects, excellent teaching approach”. Helena – Beginners 1 Cushion

“Really useful techniques learned today & very enjoyable, fantastic teaching” Helena – Beginners 2 Tote bag.

“I’ve had a lovely time, informative, relaxed environment and learnt loads”  Alison - Beginners 1,2 and 3 cushion, tote bag and apron.

“Great fun, highly recommend”  Caroline – Beginners 1,2 and 3 cushion, tote bag and apron.

“I have really enjoyed the lesson today and I am very much looking forward to the next two lessons. Great fun in a relaxed atmosphere with the bonus of being able to take home a lovely cushion”  Shelley - Beginners 1 Cushion.
“I have really enjoyed doing this beginners class, so pleased I signed up for it. I would definitely recommend it. Everyone has been so welcoming. Thank you.  Adele  - Tote bag and apron.

“Excellent course! I learnt to use my sewing machine and make a lovely cushion cover”. Manuela - Cushion.

“Julia is very good, communications skills very helpful”. Jean - Cushion, Tote bag and Apron.

“Really enjoyed my second course and very happy with results of my bag. Thank you. Brilliant course and something to take home”. June - Tote bag.

“The almost 121 tuition and chatting to instructor and other learners gave me much more confidence in sewing. Ready to do the next course”. Colin- Cushion.

“I really enjoyed the course and I am looking forward to the next one”. June - cushion.

“The teacher Julia was really good”. Rose – Tote bag.

“Having never touched a sewing machine before I’m happy with the knowledge I’ve gained”. Claire – Cushion.

“Excellent Thank you” Stacey – Beginners level one